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Hosted Voice is the Now-Telephone-Exchange

7 Mar

SMBs and home businesses, say good bye to PBX and hello to Cloud Communication

VoIP technology has emerged about a decade ago. Since then, the telecom industry has been exploded by quite a number of competing VoIP companies that offer calls through internet connection. These VoIP provider shout one unified message: “Low Rate International Call” (some even offer free calls).

As dependent as it is to the internet connection network, this method of ringing people have been well-known to people who work, travel, or study abroad. They keep in touch with their family and friends in other countries by using VoIP. VoIP rules where the answering destinations do not have or know Skype yet –there is no internet connection in those parts of the world –they can answer the call by using landlines or mobile phones.Hosted Voice, Cloud Communication Benefits

Consumer market might have enjoyed this technology too much. I, personally, have liked using VoIP since 2008. I just came to Holland for my study and all my friends told me to use VoIP to call home (Indonesia). “It’s affordable”, they say, “compared to using your GSM phone”.

Recently, I started wondering what this technology could do for businesses.  

Every business needs a communication center or a communication network: either for the internal communication (within colleagues) or the external one (customer and business relationship). Traditionally, in order to cope up with their needs to communicate they install a network system called PBX. PBX is a telephone exchange system that connects users (extensions) in a company and makes a connection to the public telephone networks.

However, it is now 2012, and almost everything is shifting to the cloud. Take an example on the software industry. Do you remember when is the last time you go to PC store and ask for a CRM software?  I bet, we don’t do that anymore. Even the salespeople do not offer businesses to buy a pack of Office Suites CD. Everything can be downloaded via the internet. Or more, we might be able to use the software online without having to download and install it on our PCs or laptops or iPads.

Well, the same thing happens with telephone exchange too. The old telephone system might ask us to buy a bulky device and store it in a room within your perimeter. It doesn’t care if we find it hard to maintain. It is not easily moved if we don’t want it anymore. But the new one understands.

The new one is called Hosted Voice or Cloud Communication. The concept is similar to PBX. It is still a telephone exchange system, but it is stored in the cloud.

By having it in the cloud, small and medium businesses do not have to worry about investing a big amount of money for having the service. They can pay per user and have more extension whenever they want.

Anyway, as every user is connected to one telephone exchange, it doesn’t matter where the users are, same tariff applies. Meaning, the bills for international calls are eliminated.

This hosted voice solution keeps me thinking: if your business hasn’t heard about this breakthrough in technology, I guess, you are the lucky one today! Now you know. I bet this could also save some telephone bills too.

I wish I knew this Cloud Communication Solution earlier. My mom and I could have our phones set up for Voi+ Lite, pay not more than 10 euro/month, ditch the pay per minute VoIP software, and have unlimited calls instead.

Raissa Setiawan

Voipro Associates