3 Growing Trends in Women Entrepreneurship: Fashion, Music, Family [CASE STUDY]

20 Jan

For you who are looking for start-up ideas, these case studies might be just for you. 

It is the technology era that we live in today. Businesses are trying to integrate and utilize technology into their business model in order to provide the most cutting edge services and products. They strive to offer a simple solution to our unsatisfied need(s) and cure to our pain.

Statistics say that 40% of small businesses in the U.S. are owned by women. It has now become an inevitable discussion that women hold the future of our economy. One way to ensure and secure our bright future is by accelerating these start-ups led by women. 

In 2012, more and more start-up accelerator have been focusly designed to promote and support women entrepreneurs. Our earlier post, From Women to Women: Building Stronger Female-Led Start-Ups, elaborates more on what the accelerators do to start-ups and how it help them grow. 

As I was browsing through the web trying to find a growing trend in women entrepreneurship, I dig out many interesting Women Entrepreneurs, such as: Tara Hunt – Founder of Buyosphere, Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss – Co-Founders of Rent the Runway, Shaherose Charania and Angie Chang – Co-Founders of Women 2.0, and many more. However, I decided to take a closer a look at these three interesting women and their business start-up.

Prerna Gupta – CEO of Khu.sh Inc

A co-founder and CEO of Atlanta-based Khu.sh. which releases iPhone apps to change the way music is made. She started her career in management consulting. But not long after, she realized that she is far too independent to work for some corporations. She jumped into the entrepreneurship world.

Through her passion in music, she teamed with her husband to create an iPhone application named LaDiDa. It is described as “reverse karaoke.” Here’s how it works: A user sings into the iPhone mic, and the technology composes unique background music to match, automatically employing pitch correction and other vocal effects. In May 2011, it was the No. 1 free music app in the U.S. and 14 other countries. Right now, LaDiDa has more than 2 million downloads.

Elena Silenok – Founder of Clothia

Elena is a Russian woman who fell in love with the States after she won an academic scholarship that was sponsored by the US Government. After finishing her studies, she accepted at job at Abacus in NYC as a developer and stayed there for a year. She thought that having a full time job was more stable but after working in a start-up she realized that it wasn’t so scary going out on her own.

Clothia is a fashion site with embedded the technology to put one’s body on line and then try on the clothes virtually. Designed to give as a better idea on how each item will look on one’s body before she press buy, Clothia takes the concept of mix and match to a whole other level.

Curious about how it looks like? Check the demo out here.

Lynn Perkins – Founder of Urban Sitter

Lynn grew up in a family of entrepreneurs in San Diego. She went to Stanford for college and had experienced a very rich career path from commerce to GAP to hotel groups. It was the time when she had two twin boys at home that she found the idea for Urban Sitter.

It happened like this: one day a friend asked her if she could ask her nanny to help her get a babysitter quickly.  She trusted Lynns nanny so she trusted that who ever she got to come would be good.  Of course in the case of leaving children to somebody, trust is the key word.

In short, Urban Sitter is an army of babysitters for parents through direct connections, references and friends.

Whether it is music, fashion, or family matter that you’re passionate about. It is never too late to take the risk and go on your own feet. Yes, the road to success might be filled with hardwork and perseverance. And as women, we tend to be more afraid to failures than our male counterparts. But despite our fears, we can always do it, especially after knowing that the idea starts from a pain or a desire that you feel, or maybe millions of other people feel. Moreover, the advancement of technology is here to help us in realizing our dreams. 


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