Welcome to DotsHub!

17 Dec

Hi bloggers and net surfers,

Thanks for checking out DotsHub!

DotsHub is a center where dots of your life, dots of my life, and others’ could connect. I believe, we influence one another in more ways than we could imagine: the words we speak, the dress we wear, the shoes we buy, the places we go, the news we read, and the music we listen to. Sometime, somehow, we see a Dot in somebody and only-God-knows, that Dot actually gives us the link to unlock the next coolest thing in our life.

I hope, you’ll find a Dot in DotsHub! 🙂

Feel free to share your thoughts and comment on any posts in this website.

Reblogging, retweeting, and reposting are mostly welcomed!



P.S. To warm up the movements of Dots, this site will start with me (CenterDot), and the many and ever-changing things that interest me. Thanks.


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